All Saints, Pavement is part of York City Centre Churches.

The parish lies within the walls of the City of York, to the east of the River Ouse. Today, it unites the original parish of All Saints, Pavement with the neighbouring parishes listed below.

In 2014, John Jessop was installed as Parish Constable, and greets the Civic Party on all occasions when the Lord Mayor attends All Saints, Pavement.

Some of the original parish churches are still in use, but for purposes other than worship.

St Crux

St Crux Church was demolished in 1887. A stone building was constructed on the site the following year, and this now houses some of the items from the original church.

Holy Trinity, King’s Court

Holy Trinity Church, rebuilt in 1861 and otherwise known as Christ Church, was demolished in 1937. The raised area in what is now King’s Square is all that remains to indicate the presence of the former church.

St Mary, Castlegate

St Mary’s Church became redundant in 1958, and is now part of York Museums Trust. It hosts contemporary art installations, and is currently home to the Van Gogh Immersive Experience.

St Michael, Spurriergate

St Michael’s Church became redundant in 1984, and now houses the Spurriergate Centre. Among other ventures which operate from the centre is Kitchen for Everyone York.

St Peter the Little

The parish of St Peter the Little was united with that of All Saints, Pavement in 1586, and St Peter’s Church was demolished before the end of the 16th century.

St Sampson

St Sampson’s Church became redundant in 1968, and now houses the St Sampson’s Centre which has operated from the church premises since 1974.

St Saviour

St Saviour’s Church became redundant in 1954, and is now home to DIG – An Archaeological Adventure. Items from the original church are now housed in All Saints, Pavement